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Coming February, 2008

I’m Nimmond Lockhart the publisher of an up and coming news Publication called, “Just Sports Tribune”. It will cover a small portion of professional and collegiate sports, but our primary focus will be on local youth athletics. The goal is to give our youth an opportunity to enjoy media exposure just like college and professional athletes do.

Our distribution will be free to the public and located at assorted outlets from Florida City to Pinecrest. However, our news coverage will include all of Miami Dade. And our topics will cover football, baseball, and basketball, soccer, golf, tennis, boxing, martial arts, gymnastics, track & field, ballet, dance and swimming and much more.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with the Just Sports Tribune contact Nimmond at, (786) 728-4729 or
email: justsportstribune@hotmail.com.

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